Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Lace frontals and Lace closures?

lace frontals are lace measured from ear to ear ''measuring 13''x4'' '' and can allow you to styled and part differently to give a more realistic look.

lace closures are sewn on the chosen closing part of the client 'middle or side' usually measures 4''x4''

Can I do physical activities (gym, sports, etc.) wearing a wig?
Yes, of course. With the correct attachment mechanism and installation technique, you’d never have to worry about working out wearing your wig.

How should i wear my hair under the wig

To ensure the most flat and natural unit application, your hair should be cornrowed. For lace closure units, we recommend parting your hair where you would like the part on the closure to lay and down from there. For frontal units, small straight back cornrows with the ends sewn up and flat are recommended.

Can I dye the wig?
All our hair are 100% raw and virgin hair so yes you can, but we advice that you bring it back to us so that it is done professionally

Will the wig lose its colour with time?
Natural hair loses colour whether dyed or not; that’s what makes maintenance so important.

Do the wig come with a customised hairline

yes all our frontals and closure units come customised

our frontal units are all customised from bleaching the knots, tinting the lace and plucking the hair to create a customised hairline. we usually ask for clients picture so that me can mimic their hairline and also to see their complexion and that will also let us know what colour lace to use

Can i make a wig using my own hair "bundles" 

yes you can but this service is only available to our walk in clients or if you wish to post your bundles to us, but it must be at a perfect condition, hair must be washed and blowdried without the tracks cut in pieces etc but for more info feel free to email us info@wigsandwonders.com

How long can a wig last?
The lifespan of a wig depends on its care and maintenance. By using the correct products and taking good care of it, your wig can easily last two years and more

Can I sleep with my wig on?
if it is not install 'frontal wig" You can, but we recommend you take it off as you may unintentionally damage the attachment system or even your own hair.

I’m a cancer patient, will wearing a wig affect my natural hair growth?
No. Cancer survivors grow their hair back, so wearing a wig is a temporary solution. Hair loss is a result of chemotherapy, so once the treatment is over, the hair grows back regardless of the wig.

How do i measure my head to know my cap size

To get an accurate and comfortable fit for you wig follow this steps and we will be able to know what cap size is best for you. Our cap size comes in small, medium , large and extra large
Measurement Guide (Using a measuring tape):
Place one end of the tape in the middle of your hairline, then take the other end around your head until both ends meet. ( measurement should be between 20inches - 25/26inches)
Front to nape
place one end of the tape in the middle of your hairline, then extend the other end going across to the back of your head towards your neck. (measurement should be between 11inches - 17inches)
Ear to ear
place one end of the tape next to the start of your ear (next to side burn), then extend across hairline/forehead, to the other ear. (measurement should be between 10inches to 13")
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