Cancer patients

Wigs serve larger purposes than a change of looks or style; sometimes the objective of a wig is to maintain your natural look that’s being affected by hair loss. Whether you’re a cancer patient or have lost your hair due to dermatologic conditions or skin-damaging accidents, wigs are always the best option to maintain your look and confidence.

At Wigs and Wonders, we aim to provide efficient and natural solutions for any condition that results in hair loss, and we understand the fundamental part looks, self-esteem and confidence play on the recovery process of hair-losing afflictions. This is the main reason why we’ve developed techniques that are safe and can adapt to individual cases. Moreover, our professional team can style wigs in such a variety of ways that would guarantee to match your natural look or achieve a desired one.

This is all possible thanks to our commitment to only use products of the highest quality, to make wigs employing innovative techniques and of course a team of professional lead by the caring and passionate ‘wigologist’.

Visit our Wigs and Wonders store in Blanchardstown, Dublin or get in touch and we’ll walk you through the options we can offer.

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